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Bob Townsend took a 4 hour exposure on tech pan of IC 443 with a narrowband H-a filter. I combined our two images by substituting Bob's image for my red channel (with a few adjustments). The addition of Bob's image makes the nebulosity deeper, smoother and more detailed.

Position mouse cursor on left side of image to see my original color film image (see data below). Position mouse cursor on right side of image to see Bob's original tech pan (with H-a filter) image. Position mouse cursor off image to see combined image. I find that if I move the mouse cursor too quickly, sometimes Netscape 4.76 doesn't see the transition.

  • Object: IC 443 in Gemini
  • Exposure: 90 minutes @ f/6.7 w/IDAS
  • Telescope: Astro-Physics 130 EDF
  • Mount: Astro-Physics 600E QMD, tripod
  • Guiding: SBIG ST-4 @ 700mm
  • Camera: Pentax 67
  • Film: Kodak PPF 400
  • Location: Loudon, NH
  • Date: 15-Dec-01 22:22 EST
  • Conditions: seeing 4/10, transparency 4/10, LVM 5.5, 20° F, RH 80%
  • Processing: UMAX PowerLook 3000, Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1, Auriga Imaging RegiStar 1.0.5
and © 1997 Bob Townsend

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