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Matt BenDaniel, Astrophotographer

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Year 2006 Events

  • Lead photo in feature article "They're Coming" in April 2006 Birder's World.

Year 2005 Events

  • RASC Calendar cover, Omega Centauri.
  • Farmer's Almanac, Moonbow.
  • Book cover illustration for Fireflies by W.L. Hughen.
  • Pleiades published in book Eyewitness Companion Astronomy. by Dorling Kindersly.
  • Central Milky Way published in Sir Patrick Moore's Sky at Night Magazine.
  • Spoke at Stellafane "How to Fit 10,000 Observers into a Ten Foot Dome".
  • Spoke at AAVSO annual meeting on "Automated Observation".

Year 2004 Events

  • My company SLOOH is well on its way to becoming a revolution in amateur astronomy. Thousands of people have subscribed. SLOOH is the world's first and only source of live deep sky images. Every night we broadcast live images from our observatory in the Canary Islands.
  • Astronomy Calendar, T. Dickinson, Southern Milky Way
  • Sky & Telescope, Scorpius, August 2004.
  • Night Sky Magazine, Earthshine, July/August, page 55.
  • Night Sky Atlas, Dorling Kindersley, NGC 2451
  • Sky & Telescope, Earthshine, February
  • Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe, Omega Centauri
  • Beautiful Universe
  • Pearson text book.

Year 2003 Events

  • Co-founded, March.
  • Sky & Telescope, November, Article and Photos on Star Trails
  • Sky & Telescope, October, Omega Centauri
  • Alex Filippenko, Moonbow, video Understanding The Universe
  • now sells my prints.
  • Connecticut Star Party featured speaker, Sep 27.
  • Mass Audubon Sanctuary magazine, Cygnus/Cepheus photo, Summer.
  • Durham Astronomy Day, Ontario, display, May 10.
  • Recorded Books LLC, several images for booklet, Apr.
  • Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Image of the Day, Jan 26, Apr 15, May 22 and Jun 10.
  • Boston Museum of Science, Instructor Telescopic Astronomy course, Jan-Feb.

Year 2002 Events

Year 2001 Events Year 2000 Events Current Equipment
  • Astro-Physics 130 EDF and A-P Traveler OTAs
  • Astro-Physics 600E GTO and Losmandy GM-8 mounts
  • Pentax 67 and Olympus OM cameras and lenses
  • SBIG STV and ST-4 autoguiders
  • UMAX PowerLook 3000 scanner

Member, Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
Member, International Dark Sky Association
Member, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

I am indebted to John Boudreau, Sean Walker, Gary Walker, Daniel Verschatse, Mitch Sayare, and Kristi Stone.

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